Idiom for IELTS

A Piece of Cake A task or job that is accomplished very easily. I found the writing paper hard in the IELTS practice exam but the reading paper seemed like a piece of cake. Try to use this idiomatic expression in conversation over the next few days.

IELTS vocabulary: in effect

In effect means for all practical purposes that something is true. It means that something is virtually true. Her poor exam results showed in effect that she hadn’t really studied very hard for the exam. There have been some dramatic tax increases. In effect, we are now all a little poorer.

IELTS vocabulary: affect vs effect

Many students confuse affect and effect. Do you know the difference? Which on is a verb and which one is a noun? Affect is a regular verb. It usually means to influence or change something. The cold weather really affects my concentration. His injury affected the result of the football match. Effect is a noun. […]

analysis vs analyse

Make sure that you know the difference between analyse and analysis. Analyse is a regular verb. It means to study something in great detail. We analysed his results and found that they contained errors. Analysis is a noun. It is the results of the verb to analyse. Our analyisof the results showed that they contained […]

conclusions in IELTS writing

It is important to sum up at the end of some IELTS writing tasks. Having made your points and stated your arguments, it is necessary to conclude. This can be done using in conclusion. In conclusion, the modern world is clearly being made smaller by modern technology. We can also use the phrase to sum […]