Why are there adverts on this site?

There is no charge to read the posts and information on IELTS ONLY. All of the information given is free. Hopefully, you will find lots of the tips and techniques helpful to you as you work towards your IELTS exam.

Unfortunately, web servers cost money and this site has to pay for itself. The adverts are here to generate a small income from this site. If IELTS candidates click on any of the advertisements on the ‘blog pages, this site earns a small fee for each click. Hopefully, readers will be interested in the advertisements shown and click on them. The more advertisements that are clicked on, the more money that this site generates. If the site continues to generate a small income from the advertisement revenue, I will continue to post useful IELTS tips and techniques on it.

I hope that the advertisements don’t spoil your enjoyment of this website and I will always try to ensure that they don’t get in your way. If I win the lottery, I will remove the advertisements immediately.

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