Listen and answer the question 2

IELTS listening practice

Did you fully understand the recording here? Did you work out that the answer is seven? Here’s a transcript of the recording.

Mrs. Smith, wife of the late Jonathon Smith the painter, has a younger sister and a couple of older brothers. Her older sister works in a bank. Including Mrs. Smith and her parents, how many living members of her immediate family are there?
Note – “the late Jonathon Smith” means he is dead. He is no longer a living member of Mrs. Smith’s immediate family.

Now listen to this recording and try to decide which of the statements after it is true.


a I have violent political beliefs and principles
b my uncle has violent beliefs and principles
c I see things differently to my uncle
d my uncle is usually wrong

Once you think that you have the correct answer, why not listen again and try to write down all of the words. You can then read what you have written to see if it makes sense and to check your answer. Once written down, there should be 26 words in your sentence.

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