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IELTS listening practice

When most of my IELTS exam students think of listening practice, they think specifically of the IELTS listening exam paper and the type of questions that are in it. In fact, some students seem to become so obsessed with only doing IELTS exam listening practice that they forget that their listening skills can be improved by listening to other types of listening material. There are some examples of free listening practice materials here and here. You could also listen to this.

In this exercise, you must listen to the recording below and then try to answer the question. In this case, the question is part of the recording.

There are four multiple choice answers to choose from. Only listen to the recording once and then answer question. You might need to listen again!


Here are the answers to choose from. Listen really carefully. Good luck!

a three b six c seven d five

Now that you’ve listened to this recording and decided on your answer, why not listen again and try to write down everything said in it? You can listen as many times as you wish and you can, of course, pause the recording so that you can write. This will give you even more listening practice.

The full text of this recording will be posted soon. Hopefully, you won’t be waiting for the answer because you will have worked it out for yourself and you will feel confident about it. Why not subscribe to this site so that you know when there are new posts?

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