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Can you spot the spelling mistakes in these sentences? Be careful because one sentence doesn’t have a mistake in it!! Give yourself a maximum of 90 seconds to find the errors. This will mean that you only really have time to read each sentence once and decide what the errors are. Go on … time yourself!!

  • It was a suprise when I got a grade 7 in the IELTS exam.
  • My wife eats meet but I am a vegeterian.
  • I’ll see you on Wednesday.
  • I reccomend studying hard before the IELTS exam.
  • The scientist tried to seperate the two substanses.

The words spelt incorrectly are identified below.

You should always edit your own writing and check for spelling errors. Try to identify the words that you find difficult to spell and check for them. Remember to check these things too before you have to hand in your piece of writing.

Here are three English spelling rules. Do you know anymore? Why not add them to the comments?

  1. The plural of nouns ending in s sh ss z x or ch is made by adding -es e.g. box > boxes, dish > dishes, kiss > kisses. This can simplify the pronunciation of these plurals.
  2. If a noun ends in a y preceded by a consonant, replace the y with an i and add –es to make the plural e.g. lady > ladies, strawberry > strawberries.
  3. When you want to add ing to verbs ending in ie, drop the e and change the i to a y e.g. tie > tying, die > dying.
  • I reccomend studying hard before the IELTS exam.
  • The scientist tried to seperate the two substanses.

    Did you miss any of the words? If so, do you know how to spell them?

    Accurate spelling is, of course, necessary in the IELTS writing paper but what many IELTS candidates fail to realise is that accurate spelling is necessary in the IELTS listening paper. In the listening paper, errors in spelling are only accepted on very uncommon words. That information was so important that I am going to stress it:

    Accurate spelling is important in the IELTS listening exam paper!!

    When you are checking your answers in the listening paper, make sure that you check your spelling. It would be such a shame if you dropped points in the IELTS exam just because you didn’t do this.

    top tip: in the months before your IELTS exam, make sure that you keep a list of any words that you often spell incorrectly. Learn how to spell these words before the IELTS exam.

    Here are the words spelt correctly. I hope that you noticed that Wednesday was spelt correctly! It was spelt correctly.
    Check this list of commonly mispelt words.

    surprise meat vegetarian recommend separate substances

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