IELTS Writing : saying what a graph shows

IELTS graph

Before we describe the data in a graph, it is a good idea to identify what a graph shows. This can usually be done in one simple sentence.

It is important to identify the different graph elements before you construct this graph description sentence.

Look at the graph. What do you think it is important to include in the graph description sentence? Remember that we are not describing the data content of this graph yet.

Clearly, the title at the top gives us important information. This is a very simple graph but it is important to identify, in this case, the time period shown and exactly what is being measured. Making note of the source of the data is also important.

“This graph shows manufacturer statistics for total monthly car sales in Europe in 2010.”

Take note of the fact that this sentence is very simple but it fully describes the purpose of the graph. Now that you have described the purpose of the graph, you can go on to describe the data content of the graph.

IELTS graph

How would you describe the purpose of this graph? Look at all of the elements carefully before you start to write your sentence. Some things are not the same as in the “car sales” graph.

The data shown is not for each month in a year but for different years. Which word could we use to express this in our sentence? Obviously, “monthly” is not suitable.

Write a sentence before you listen to the recorded sentence below. When you listen, try to write down the whole sentence.

[audio: | titles=dictionary sales]
IELTS graph

Look carefully at this graph and take note of what has changed. How would you write a sentence that describes the purpose of this graph?

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