Dictation listening exercise for IELTS : the transcript

It was great to get such positive feedback for this simple dictation exercise. The students that emailed me what they wrote did really well and they managed to identify language that they could use in their own writing.

Here’s a transcript of the free IELTS listening dictation:

Sales were steady between 1950 and 1980 and then they rose dramatically in 1985. This was due to an increasing public awareness of health issues. Sales were stable until 1988 when they fell sharply to an all time low. There was a noticeable increase in the late 1980s and then sales fluctuated until 2007. The release of new technology and a huge marketing campaign led to a dramatic increase to a record high of 27 million units. Sales have continued to rise steadily since then.

Can you identify which words and phrases are useful for you to write down? Some of the language used in this free IELTS listening exercise could be used to describe other graphs. Have you tried drawing the graph?

Try this exercise for more free listening practice.
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