Dictation listening exercise for IELTS

Sometimes, it is good listening practice to listen to someone speaking and try to write down exactly what is said. You have to focus on both meaning and the individual words:if you don’t write down all of the words correctly, then you haven’t understood everything.

Listen to this recording of the description of a simple graph. Can you write down all of the words accurately? Try to listen and write without pausing the recording. It will be too difficult for you to complete it on the first listening but you can listen again and fill in what you missed the first time round.

[audio: http://www.ieltsonly.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/sales.mp3 | titles=graph dictation]

Once you have finished the exercise, read what you have written. Does it make sense or have you misheard something and written it down incorrectly? This is good practice for checking your own writing in the IELTS writing paper.

Read your transcription again and pick out any words and phrases that you could use to describe other graphs. Make a note of them and look at how they are used. Try to use them to describe a different graph.

Read this post for more practice.

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