Count the words – the answers

Make sure that you have listened to the recorded sentences here. Did you manage to count the words? Was it easy? Perhaps you found it difficult? Remember that this exercise is extremely good for your listening skills practice. If you can identify all of the words, it shows that you are on your way to […]

Listen and count the words

Listening can be really difficult. In the IELTS listening exam, you are expected to listen, understand and answer questions. In the IELTS speaking exam, you have to listen to the examiner carefully and answer the questions you are asked. Many IELTS students say that they find listening difficult because they haven’t had enough practice. Let’s […]

Do you have mixed feelings?

When you have mixed feelings about something, you experience contradictory feelings. You might love something and hate something at the same time. I have mixed feelings about my promotion. It will be great to have the extra money but it’s going to involve a lot more work.

Are you out of your depth?

If you are out of your depth, you are in a situation which is difficult for you. You might be in a postion where you are expected to have some answers, knowledge or expertise but you haven’t got any of them. I am used to teaching adults but I was out of my depth when […]

Spelling : the answers

Did you manage to correct the spelling of all of the words below. Check you answers. acommodation – accommodation adress – address beggining – beginning beleive – believe definately – definitely enviroment – environment goverment – government Wendesday – Wednesday grammer – grammar intresting – interesting If you managed to get them all correct, you […]

Can you correct the spelling?

Are these word spelled correctly? Look at them carefully and decide if they are. If you think they are spelled incorrectly, how would you correct them? Don’t use a dictionary!! That’s cheating. acommodation adress beggining beleive definately enviroment goverment Wendesday grammer intresting Come back to this page tomorrow to see the answers.

Read to spell better

Good spelling is crucial in the IELTS exam. You will be marked on your spelling in the writing exam and it is also important in the listening test. One way to improve your spelling is to read lots in English. The more you read in English, the more good English spelling you are exposed to. […]

IELTS writing tip

Make sure that you begin every sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop. It is possible to end you sentences with question marks and exclamations marks where appropriate. Nothing looks as sloppy as sentences that aren’t punctuated correctly.

The present perfect simple

Can you see what is wrong with this sentence? I have been there in 2010. The present perfect simple is never used with a specific time reference. In the above sentence, it would be correct to use the past simple instead beacause a specific time reference is used. I went there in 2010.