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The game of hangman is a great way to test your vocabulary. It’s also a fantastic way to test your spelling. If you have never played hangman before, here are the rules. Make sure you have understood the rules in English before you play hangman. Don’t forget that reading the rules in English is great reading practice for the IELTS exam. The rules can be summarised like this:

Try to guess the hidden word letter by letter. If your letter choice is correct, you can see where it is in the word. If it is wrong, another part of the “hangman” is drawn. Guess the word before the hangman picture is finished.

Here’s a simple example of hangman that you can play. The words you have to guess are random so it’s really difficult to guess them – but it’s worth a try. Don’t forget to start by guessing the vowels – try A-E-I-O and then U. How many words can you get right out of 10? If a word comes up that you don’t know, look it up in your dictionary.
Click on “PLAY GAME” in the bottom right-hand corner as soon as the bar has loaded.

Keep in mind that this is not meant to be a new method of learning vocabulary. It is another way of testing what you already know. Some words will seem very familiar to you as they “grow” when playing the game. Other words will be impossible to get but you will kick yourself when you actually see them.

There are lots of sites on the Internet that provide free hangman games. Don’t just play the one on this site. Have a look at these hangman sites:

Space Hangman : this game provides different levels and the vocabulary used is varied.

Oxford Dictionaries : this game is simple to use and the words are varied.

Hangman : make sure that you select English as your language choice on this site. A great choice of game on this site is “frequently misspelled words.”

There are lots of other games on the Internet. Search for them using Google. Use the search terms “hangman online.”

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