Paragraphs rule!!

Make sure that you write in paragraphs. A good basic model is to write one paragraph for each point or idea. If you don’t write in paragraphs, your writing will be difficult to follow and you will lose marks. You can make this much easier by planning your writing : Read this.

Don’t leave any blanks

It’s important not to leave any blanks in the IELTS listening exam. If you leave an answer blank, it’s impossible to get a mark for it. Sometimes you won’t be certain about an answer to a question but you must remember to put something. You never know, your “guess” might be right.

behind the times

If something is behind the times, it is out of date or old-fashioned. My boss doesn’t want computers in the office. He’s so behind the times. You might use this expression in your IELTS interview if you are talking about your home town, your university, your family etc.