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The most important thing you can do before the IELTS listening exam is do lots and lots of listening practice. This post suggests a great, free, online listening resource but there are others. The main thing is that you try to do a little listening every day. There’s no point waiting until the week before the exam before you start to practise your listening : it won’t help. Starting at least three months in advance is a very good idea.

It’s important that you know the format of the listening exam. Make sure that you are familiar with it before the day of your IELTS exam but keep in mind that understanding the exam is not the same as listening practice. Some students think that if they look at the question types often enough, they are improving their chances of getting a higher IELTS band score in the listening exam. This is nonsense.

Here are some other free online resources that you might think about using to practise your listening before the IELTS exam. Some of them might not be available in your country. : search for “five news” “bbc news” or “itv news.” These search terms will give you individual news stories to watch and listen to. Also try “bbc comedy.” This will give you short comedy clips to watch and listen to. You could also try “bbc drama.” You could also use Google Video.

This video is quite funny:

This video is worrying:

Internet talk radio : searching for “internet talk radio” brings up lots of links for live radio e.g. or Voice America. You could also listen to the BBC World Service. Remember that you can look up stories that you listen to on the Internet too – this will give you lots of reading practice. Try searching for the story headline in Google.

Podcasts : try doing a general search on Google for “podcasts.” You can be more specific and search for “English podcasts” or “business podcasts.” There really is a lot of material out there. This site offers some great listenings at different levels with worksheets and tapescripts to read. Perhaps you know of some other resources that you could share with others? Post them in the comments!

IELTS listening radioRemember! The more listening practice you do before the exam, the better you will perform on the day of your IELTS exam. Try to listen to as many different types of listening material as you can. Don’t just choose to listen to news stories or comedy clips.

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