Google is your IELTS friend

Looking up definitions in an English – English dictionary forces you to understand meanings in English. Sometimes, translation is quick and easy but can miss out vital information: information which will increase your English knowledge and help you to get the IELTS band score you need. A good dictionary should give a word definition, pronunciation […]

Why are words so confusing? The answers.

If you read this post, you probably have already thought about the incorrect sentences given and know which words are incorrectly used. Here are the sentences again with an explanation of what is wrong after them. 1. Strong coffee doesn’t effect me at all. Effect is a noun but in this sentence, the auxiliary (do) […]

Why does the examiner keep asking me questions?

The examiner needs you to speak so that your oral fluency and accuracy can be assessed. It’s difficult to do that if you are silent and it’s really not practical for the examiner to just ask you to speak. Imagine this: Examiner: Good morning. Please sit down. You: Good morning. there is silence Examiner: Well? […]