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IELTS vocabulary : take effect

Something takes effect when it starts working.

The sleeping tablet didn’t take effect for at least an hour.

The new laws took effect at midnight.

Idioms for IELTS

Pull the plug

This is when we put a stop something or bring something to an end. It is often used when a business project or strategy is losing or going to lose money.

The company pulled the plug on the development of the new product when they discovered that market research showed that it would not sell.

Remember that you won’t do yourself any favours if you simply throw these idioms into conversation during your IELTS interview. You must practice using them appropriately before the exam.

IELTS vocabulary: affect vs effect

Many students confuse affect and effect. Do you know the difference? Which on is a verb and which one is a noun?

Affect is a regular verb. It usually means to influence or change something.

The cold weather really affects my concentration.

His injury affected the result of the football match.

Effect is a noun. It is a result of something.

One effect of the cold is that I lose concentration.

His injury had no effect on the result of the football match.

Be careful because effect can also be used as a regular verb! It is not commonly used in this way but it can be. It means to produce a result or to make something happen.

The dramatic tax cuts were designed to effect spending change in the economy.

Effective is an adjective which tells us that something is good for its purpose.

Her teaching methods were very effective and we all got a grade 7 in the IELTS exam.

conclusions in IELTS writing

It is important to sum up at the end of some IELTS writing tasks. Having made your points and stated your arguments, it is necessary to conclude. This can be done using
in conclusion.

In conclusion, the modern world is clearly being made smaller by modern technology.

We can also use the phrase to sum up in the same way.

To sum up, it is obvious that modern educational values are superior to those of the last century.

Listen and answer the question

IELTS listening practice

When most of my IELTS exam students think of listening practice, they think specifically of the IELTS listening exam paper and the type of questions that are in it. In fact, some students seem to become so obsessed with only doing IELTS exam listening practice that they forget that their listening skills can be improved by listening to other types of listening material. There are some examples of free listening practice materials here and here. You could also listen to this.