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Some common spelling mistakes

The verb to argue has an e at the end but this is dropped in the noun. Argument.

Hierarchy follows the i before e (except after c) rule.

has the e before the i because they follow a c.

Foreign breaks the i before e (except after c) spelling rule.

Play some games

The game of hangman is a great way to test your vocabulary. It’s also a fantastic way to test your spelling. If you have never played hangman before, here are the rules. Make sure you have understood the rules in English before you play hangman. Don’t forget that reading the rules in English is great reading practice for the IELTS exam. The rules can be summarised like this: (more…)

spelling : environment

Don’t forget that there is an n before the m in evironment.

Many IELTS students forget this n!!


Spelling test 1 – the answers

Here are the answers to this spelling test.

independent – this word ends with ENT.
knowledge – don’t forget the D.
necessary – one C and two Ss.
occasion – two Cs and one S.
accommodation – two Cs and two Ms.

Learn how to spell these words!! It’s very important that you try to spell words correctly in your IELTS writing exam.

It’s time for a spelling test

IELTS candidates should pay special attention to their spelling. Your IELTS writing will be much improved if words are spelt correctly. Keep a list of words that you spell incorrectly and test yourself on their spelling regularly.

When you have finished a piece of writing, edit it carefully and check for any spelling errors.

Read this post about editing your written work.

Here is a short recorded spelling test. There are five commonly misspelled words. Press play and try to write down the words immediately. You can press “pause” between the words if you need to. Listen to the recording as many times as you want to.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

When you have finished, you can check your answers here.