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A hundred words that are often misspelled

Here’s a link to an interesting page listing the 100 most commonly misspelled words in English. They are all words that could be used in your IELTS writing exam so it’s worth reading through what’s listed. (more…)

Top 20 misspelt words in English

It’s always interesting to read the results of studies relating to language. The Telegraph, an English newspaper, recently reported on a study of the most commonly misspelt words in English. The top twenty misspelt words creates an interesting list – many of the words are words that an IELTS student might use in their writing. Do you think you would be able to remember how to spell all of the words in the list correctly?

Top 20 misspelt words:

1. Separate

2. Definitely

3. Manoeuvre

4. Embarrass

5. Occurrence

6. Consensus

7. Unnecessary

8. Acceptable

9. Broccoli

10. Referred

11. Bureaucracy

12. Supersede

13. Questionnaire

14. Connoisseur

15. A lot

16. Entrepreneur

17. Particularly

18. Liquify

19. Conscience

20. Parallel

You can read the full article here. Make sure that you read through the comments at the end of the article. Some of the commenters make interesting points.

Spelling : the answers

Did you manage to correct the spelling of all of the words below. Check you answers.

    acommodation – accommodation
    adress – address
    beggining – beginning
    beleive – believe
    definately – definitely
    enviroment – environment
    goverment – government
    Wendesday – Wednesday
    grammer – grammar
    intresting – interesting

If you managed to get them all correct, you deserve a pat on the back!!

Can you correct the spelling?

Are these word spelled correctly? Look at them carefully and decide if they are. If you think they are spelled incorrectly, how would you correct them? Don’t use a dictionary!! That’s cheating.


Come back to this page tomorrow to see the answers.

Read to spell better

Good spelling is crucial in the IELTS exam. You will be marked on your spelling in the writing exam and it is also important in the listening test. One way to improve your spelling is to read lots in English. The more you read in English, the more good English spelling you are exposed to. If you see a word lots of times, it will help you to recognise how it should look when spelled correctly.