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Use a word or phrase challenge for IELTS

Use new words and phrases BEFORE the IELTS exam

How many times do you learn a new word or phrase and then think your work is done? How often do you look for the meaning of a word in the dictionary but never try to use the word yourself? (more…)

IELTS vocabulary : take effect

Something takes effect when it starts working.

The sleeping tablet didn’t take effect for at least an hour.

The new laws took effect at midnight.

Idiom for IELTS

Cut to the chase

This is to leave out all unnecessary details and get to the point. You are getting directly to the point.

We were running out of time so I cut to the chase and told him he was fired.

Idiom for IELTS

A Piece of Cake
A task or job that is accomplished very easily.

I found the writing paper hard in the IELTS practice exam but the reading paper seemed like a piece of cake.

Try to use this idiomatic expression in conversation over the next few days.

IELTS vocabulary: something to that effect

When we quote someone, we might use something to that effect to show that our quote might not be exact. What we say is intended to have the same meaning.

He told her that he was going to resign or something to that effect.

We can use words to that effect in the same way.

She told me that it was pointless applying for that job – or words to that effect.