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5 ways to improve your IELTS writing

One of the most common questions that I am asked is this:

“How can I improve my IELTS writing from a 6 to a 7 band score?”


IELTS Writing : saying what a graph shows

IELTS graph

Before we describe the data in a graph, it is a good idea to identify what a graph shows. This can usually be done in one simple sentence.

It is important to identify the different graph elements before you construct this graph description sentence.

Look at the graph. What do you think it is important to include in the graph description sentence? Remember that we are not describing the data content of this graph yet. (more…)

Vocabulary for describing data on graphs : plummet

When something plummets, it falls dramatically over a very short period of time. When a price plummets, it might approach zero.

The value of his shares in the company plummeted during the financial crisis.

vocabulary for describing data on graphs : fluctuate

The verb is to fluctuate. The noun is fluctuation. This is when the data on a graph goes both up and down. The rises and falls may not be regular but they are constant.

The President’s popularity has fluctuated during his term in office.

There has been a constant fluctuation in the President’s popularity over the last few years