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Writing about percentages

When describing a graph, use percentages creatively to show your range of language.

4% of students failed the exam.

The above sentence is accurate. There are other ways to refer to 4% though.


Consider the following:

A tiny fraction of students failed the exam.

A very small number of students failed the exam.

Very few students failed the exam.

An almost insignificant proportion of the students failed the exam.

A minority of students failed the exam.

What could you write instead of 25% ? Or 24% ? Or 32% ?

IELTS Writing : saying what a graph shows

IELTS graph

Before we describe the data in a graph, it is a good idea to identify what a graph shows. This can usually be done in one simple sentence.

It is important to identify the different graph elements before you construct this graph description sentence.

Look at the graph. What do you think it is important to include in the graph description sentence? Remember that we are not describing the data content of this graph yet. (more…)

Dictation listening exercise for IELTS

Sometimes, it is good listening practice to listen to someone speaking and try to write down exactly what is said. You have to focus on both meaning and the individual words:if you don’t write down all of the words correctly, then you haven’t understood everything. (more…)