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November, 2011:

IELTS Writing : saying what a graph shows

IELTS graph

Before we describe the data in a graph, it is a good idea to identify what a graph shows. This can usually be done in one simple sentence.

It is important to identify the different graph elements before you construct this graph description sentence.

Look at the graph. What do you think it is important to include in the graph description sentence? Remember that we are not describing the data content of this graph yet. (more…)

Dictation listening exercise for IELTS : the transcript

It was great to get such positive feedback for this simple dictation exercise. The students that emailed me what they wrote did really well and they managed to identify language that they could use in their own writing.

Here’s a transcript of the free IELTS listening dictation: (more…)

IELTS writing – showing contrast – on the other hand

To show contrast we can use on the other hand. This is used when we have expressed one idea and we want to show the opposite point of view or argument. Sometimes, the first argument is expressed with on the one hand.

On the one hand I want to buy a powerful car but, on the other hand, I don’t want to pay for more fuel.

I would really like to have more money. On the other hand, I don’t want to work any more hours.

Vocabulary for types of journalism

The BBC Learning English web page gives some great vocabulary for “journalism.” Have a look at the page and try to learn some of the words. You never know when these words and phrases might come in useful in your IELTS exam!! Click here to visit the site.

Dictation listening exercise for IELTS

Sometimes, it is good listening practice to listen to someone speaking and try to write down exactly what is said. You have to focus on both meaning and the individual words:if you don’t write down all of the words correctly, then you haven’t understood everything. (more…)