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Special Offer for IELTS Only students

Serious IELTS candidates already understand the need for professional guidance when studying for their IELTS exam. IELTS candidates need to work on all areas of English and English Only online classes can help you to improve your IELTS speaking, your understanding and usage of grammar for the IELTS exam, your vocabulary range and your IELTS writing. Your IELTS reading and listening skills are improved too.

I teach online English classes for English Only and there is currently a special offer on class prices for IELTS Only students. If you book classes on this link before the 30th December 2014, you will get a reduction on the price of 4 online Skype classes.

Classes can be used for IELTS interview practice and correction, general speaking practice and vocabulary building, grammar practice and techniques for improving your IELTS writing. Make sure that you book quickly because places are limited.

Use your commas correctly in your IELTS writing

Commas are important in your IELTS writing exam

an IELTS comma
Many IELTS students and other people learning English seem to have problems with the use of the comma when punctuating sentences in English. It is really important that you try to use punctuation correctly in your IELTS exam.

“I’m going to eat everybody.”


A hundred words that are often misspelled

Here’s a link to an interesting page listing the 100 most commonly misspelled words in English. They are all words that could be used in your IELTS writing exam so it’s worth reading through what’s listed. (more…)

Answer IELTS part 1 line graph writing tasks

Here are the ten steps needed to write the best IELTS part 1 line graph writing task answer that you can.

Step One

Read the question carefully. Make sure that you understand what is being described by the line graph. Make absolutely sure that you know what you are being asked to write about.

Usually, this question will ask you to select and report the main features of the line graph and make comparisons where relevant. You are not asked to give reasons for trends shown in the graph. (more…)

Use a word or phrase challenge for IELTS

Use new words and phrases BEFORE the IELTS exam

How many times do you learn a new word or phrase and then think your work is done? How often do you look for the meaning of a word in the dictionary but never try to use the word yourself? (more…)